I am one of those lucky people that transformed their passion in their job. And guess what passion am I talking about? Yes, chocolate! I decided to tell you what’s behind this love, well aware that there might be much more than 8 reasons! So, 8 reasons why I love chocolate!

(Ph: slurpy extra dark chocolate)

1- Chocolate brings positive energy!

This is maybe the most common reason. Chocolate is a well known energizer. I think it’s a perfect vitalizer for a work day, but also for a workout. It awakens taste buds, mind and muscles. The University of San Diego stated that a small amount of chocolate during a training session can improve performances by 50%. Amazing, right?

2- Chocolate improves the mood and can produce relaxation

A lot of energy, yes, but many researchers state that chocolate can be considered a sort of antidepressant. Personally, I feel that even the aroma (which very luckily I can often smell) could unleash positive sensations, which procure pleasure and so can calm down. Cocoa contains Tryptophan, then converted in Serotonin (the feel good hormone): nature was really kind in gifting us with such a good and full of benefits product.

(Ph: cocoa beans already roasted)

3- Chocolate can stimulate brain activity and concentration

Coffee lovers, unite! Chocolate contains caffeine, even if in smaller portions than coffee. Mainly, it contains Theobromine (the botanical name of the cocoa plant is Cacao Theobroma), these are both substances that in small amount can stimulate concentration. Guess why? Caffeine and Theobromine are adaptogens that can boost your fatigue and stress resistance. Who’s not stressed today?

4- Chocolate can follow every step of the life

This is my personal best reason! How many of you did change his favorite chocolate flavor? As a child, I remember delicious afternoon breaks with milk (rigorously!) chocolate in very little pieces on a crunchy mountain bread slice or even mini white chocolate snacks. Dark chocolate was not an option! Today, instead, it’s my fave. I love extra dark chocolate at 70% of cocoa, as it’s really equilibrated: bitter, but not too much astringent. And I adore when it has vanilla, spicy notes, or coffee and smoked notes. A small (maybe two!) piece of chocolate after lunch and dinner can make your day better! Hence, chocolate can accompany us during our life, delighting us with its many different shapes, following every stage of our life!

5- Chocolate is perfect when you are sad, but also when you’re happy!

Before, I was telling you about chocolate benefits as antidepressant, the truth is that chocolate, by reminding us festivities such as Christmas, Easter or simply the childhood afternoon breaks, is really appreciated in moments of deep happiness. It’s the perfect food for lonely evenings, maybe in shape of delicious pralines, but also for social sharing moments: raise the hand who has never shared a chocolate bar with friends or family! Who’s never did the countdown to Easter so to finally break the desired Easter egg gifted by the favorite uncle? For me chocolate is really source of big emotions: every time I went in my family pastry lab, I was always looking for small chocolate chips used as decoration on cakes. My grandfather always caught me, but he pretended not to see me. Not only, I remember Easters with huge chocolate eggs, even bigger than me! Also, I recall extra dark chocolate squares during those long university afternoons when we had to prepare for exams, and those pralines from our laboratory left on my grandpa’s coffin, so that they could accompany him in his last journey. Chocolate is really a good fellow in sadness and happiness moments.

(Ph: happy kid among chocolate eggs! Me at 4 years old)

6- You can taste chocolate in thousands different ways!

Pralines, bars, truffles, chocolates, dragées, bouchées… How many ways to define chocolate! This is another of my fave reason for loving this food: I think I’m quite a creative person and more generally I adore tasting different things, with different shapes and smells: chocolate can gift me with this pleasure. And this is also what we try to do in Assedium: with such a versatile ingredient, you can really create infinite proposals. We started with more traditional recipes, as our challenge is to allow people from all over the world to taste Piedmont, but we study everyday innovative products and authentic combinations to make you experience new emotions. With chocolate you never get bored!

7- In chocolate there’s history

Do you know how many years chocolate is old? I’ll tell you: 3500 years! Yes, because everything started in Latin America, where it was known as Kakawa or Xocoatl and where it was used as social aggregator, as a currency or even as a religious element. It was consumed as a hot drink, extremely spicy and with a very intense aroma. It arrived in Europe only in the sixteenth century, initially as a medical remedy (!!), but in the modern age it started to be consumed as a real food, despite its very high cost. So, every time you eat a piece of chocolate, try to imagine how many years have been necessary to arrive at the product that we know today as chocolate. Chocolate is history, a cultural element and a journey: yes, because from cocoa beans to the finite product there are many months of preparation, different production steps and surely thousand of kilometers.

8- In chocolate there’s Piedmont!

This is the reason why Assedium exists! Chocolate, in its most authentic and local shapes, present itself to the world with a modern and elegant appearance to make everyone know the immense Piedmont heritage. Torino, in fact, was and it still is cradle of the main maître chocolatiers, it’s the place where the Gianduja was born from the intuition of Michele Prochet to pair Piedmont hazelnuts with chocolate, creating a delightful product. Imagine that chocolate arrived in this city in 1650 with Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy to celebrate his kingdom capital transfer from Chambery to Torino. Hence, telling Piedmont history through chocolate is probably the sweetest way and it’s what we try to do in Assedium.

(Ph: me and Paolo at Assedium, it's all about chocolate!)

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