From Google to Cuneo: a history of love, tradition and innovation

After few months, finally, I decided to write a blog. A way to feel closer to all of you and to disclose the Assedium Magic. Or simply, to tell you why I think it’s about Magic.

I am Cristina, Assedium co-founder, together with Paolo, my husband. But one step at a time…

Up until some years ago, I was working in the Marketing department of a Food multinational company in Milano. I loved my job and that company, but firstly I really appreciated my colleagues, who, I can say that, taught me the majority of professional things today I know. Meanwhile, I met Paolo, a passionate guy from Torino, shy and with a sexy dose of acumen. He worked in Google, also in Milano. It was love at a first sight and, when he moved to Google HQ in Dublin, after one year, I decided to do the same.

(Ph: me and Paolo, 2015 - The Giant's Causeway - Northern Ireland. The first time I visited Ireland, since Paolo moved there) 

I craved a professional experience abroad and to learn new things in a new context. October 2016: from Marketing to Sales Dept, from the Food Industry to Tech, from Italy to Ireland and from a life as a single to a cohabitation as a couple life. It has been a very big change which I remember with both euphoria, but also with some stress. In the following years, I covered many different roles in Google. These roles gave me great professional satisfaction and made me learn a lot. Especially an anglo-saxon managerial style: surgical, direct and in bullet point.

(Ph: me and Paolo, 2017 - Ring of Kerry - Ireland. A true Irish gem. I'll always remember those Ireland tripping days) 

 But, inside, I’ve always been dreaming an entrepreneurial project: being able to create something so great and successful as my grandparents did. Yes, because my grandparents 62 years ago founded in Cuneo, my town, a “bar pasticceria e gelateria”: the Bar Corso.

(Ph: Grandparents at Bar Corso - Cuneo - Italy. They founded the Bar in 1958

In its artisanal laboratories award-winning excellent ice creams are crafted everyday. Not only, Bar Corso is a real institution for breakfasts, for lunch breaks, for afternoon snacks, for happy hours and after dinners. It’s like a real daily routine characterizing every “cuneese” (a person from Cuneo) life. So, why not spreading this “cuneese” spirit, this tradition and quality to Italy and the world? 

(Ph: Great uncle and grand father - Bar Corso Laboratory, Cuneo. Today, ice cream is still prepared with the same method used in the picture. Totally handcrafted and with premium ingredients

Paolo and I shared the same entrepreneurial dream, so it has been natural to carry on a project together, creating something special. And, also, to start up a family! We decided to leave the big G (Google) and to move to our Savoyard Cuneo: a new beginning, a new plan and a new life. We got married in Guarene, a picturesque village in Roero, on the wine hills around Alba, on a wonderful sunny September day.

(Ph: me and Paolo, 14th September 2019. We married in a cozy church nestled in a beautiful Roero landscape) 

 After one month and a half, Assedium was born...

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