This is Assedium

It was Valentine’s Day, on 2018 and I was working at my desk on some presentation for a Client, when I received the standard email from Google postal office saying that there was a pack for me.

I think everyone knows that kind of emotion with some curiosity for a box arrival: you can feel really excited for a normal delivery, but, let’s be honest, when it’s a gift you feel terrifically excited. I pick up the pack and, despite the temptation, I decide to resist ‘till night.

Finally, at home, I start to unpack: it was a box full of pralines from the very famous Belgian maître chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. It was a gift from Paolo, really appreciated: not only because I love chocolate, but also because it provoked a real epiphany. Yes, because from that gift, the intuition for Assedium was born.

(Ph: The unboxing moment of this Pierre Marcolini pralines box - February 2018)

Of course Paolo and I talked many times together about our entrepreneurial project, but it was at this stage that this project started to take its shape. The product was already there: the family laboratory was already producing pralines and confectionary in a completely artisanal way and following authentic excellent recipes since years. But we needed an idea to present this product not only locally, but also over the Italian territory and maybe globally, with a traditional but innovative visual language, fresher and modern. About this, the Belgian chocolate industry could teach us many things:

1) their chocolates are always naked, unwrapped (while in Piedmont, pralines are often wrapped by colorful papers, which don’t allow the product to show its full beauty);

2) packaging is fundamental; precious design coffrets make everything sexier. Unboxing becomes a ritual, a daily luxury micro-moment.

3) The service: starting from a clear website, which can capture attention and it’s responsive, ‘till a fast quality delivery. All of this is part of characterizing traits of a brand.

    (Ph by Michele De Vita: Our iconic Cuneo Rum naked, unwrapped, showing all its beauty) 

    From that gift, so, we started to craft our brand, always relating to our local artisanal products, but winkling to more international trends. We worked a lot, for example, with our Graphic Designer, hellobarrio from Alba, to find the right visual language that could transmit this inner Assedium antithesis: tradition and innovation, local products and international ambition, handcrafted production and modern cosmopolitan consumers… We studied together a unique packaging solution, whose gestuality for the unboxing could evoke suspense and creating expectations. A packaging that could minimize the use of plastic, though protecting and preserving our products.

    (Ph: Packaging studies work in progress with hellobarrio, our graphic designer) 

    Assedium is all of this: traditional high quality recipes, packed in elegant design coffrets to show all their beauty and attractiveness. Our website tries to tell you about our story and our products in a simple and clear way; our express shipping guarantees your orders arrival in 48h from purchase.  A brand, hence, that starts from its traditional roots, but has a clear ambition to become international bringing to all of its consumers those little luxury moments which they deserve. And, finally, there’s this blog, just launched, which aims at revealing and sharing part of the dream that we commit to bring to reality.



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